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NSX History

Acura/Honda introduced the NSX in 1991. It is setup with a RWD mid-engined V6 and was the first production car to use Honda's VTEC technology, which eventually trickled its way down into other cars. It features an aluminum body and chassis and aimed to be the first reliable high performance sports car. The appearance of the NSX hasn't changed much since its introduction. In 2003 they changed from pop-up headlights to fixed style lights and also got a tire size upgrade. Acura announced that 2005 was the last year of NSX production, much to the disappointment of many. We can only hope that it gets replaced with something even more amazing. Many have speculated that the replacement will most likely have a V8 or V10 motor, which is a necessity in today's "bigger is better" horsepower arms race. It may even feature the SH-AWD featured on the RL and RDX models. Now that there will no longer be any new models making their way to the streets you can bet this will become a collector's car.
Whether you have a 1991 or 2005 model you can be sure to turn heads driving an Acura NSX.

NSX Upgrade Parts

Use the links on the left to view our selection of aftermarket performance parts. If you don't see the upgrades you are looking for try the parts search box as it contains many items not listed in the catalog. From headlights to superchargers, we have the parts you need if you can find them among the thousands of products!

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