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Performance Acura Parts .com has teamed up with, the net's leading tire and wheel shop to bring you the best prices available for high-performance tire packages. There are also many cheap tires available for those on a tight budget. Whether you're just searching for replacement stock tires or a set of performance summer tires and alloy wheels we've got you covered.

Tires are extremely important part of how your vehicle handles, as well as safety and ride quality. Low profile tires may look nicer, but the lower sidewalls mean there is less coushin for your ride and many people find these tires uncomfortable. Upgrading to a set of wider wheels means you will have more rubber on the ground, which improves handling quite a bit, but also has the potential downside of decreasing gas mileage. Increased friction with the pavement causing a fuel efficiency decrease is the reason so many new cars come equipped from the factory with skinny tires! Like most decisions in life, the size and compound of tire you select for your car is a compromise between several factors such as road noise, performance, tread life, etc.

Acura Tires

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